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Empyreal Touch is a great vehicle for your self-healing practice, encouraging preventive and proactive lifestyles.

Massage Therapy is a great way to communicate with your body:  Calming aches. Soothing the nervous system. Bringing attention to the rhythmic inhale and exhale. A moment of peace. Permission to relax. Proprioception. Presence. 

Beauty is beyond skin deep, skin just happens to be a visual expression of it! Make your inner glow reflect your outer glow with regular facials and other beauty services.

Reiki and Meditation are phenomenal ways to ground yourself, respecting the importance of presence. The more you are present and aware of the flow of QI (chi), the stronger it becomes, ultimately increasing your self-healing abilities. Making this a regular practice is a vital way of communicating with your body and being proactive in overall health. Thus, truly feeling amazing, while managing stress with ease.

Honor yourself, and everyone else with regular sessions!



See you soon!

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