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Massage:  Calming of  aches. Soothing the nervous system. Attention to the rhythmic inhale and exhale. Moment of peace. Permission to relax. Proprioception. Presence.

Often our experience with muscular tension or discomfort is to tolerate  it. We have programed our natural response to dust ourselves off and keep going. We focus our efforts on work, family, career, lifestyle, or whatever stress that life brings along. Even when the body speaks out in muscular discomfort , we have been known to respond with stimulants that numb the body, but neglect the message. This can eventually create a cycle that leads to disease.

Empyreal Touch will help you reconnect with your sympathetic nervous system through massage therapy.

With Massage, you can learn to listen to your body, to feel it, and start  understanding the messages your muscles are telling you. Massage will teach you to ground yourself and understand the importance of presence. The more you are present, the more tolerance is built for self awareness, and the stronger you become in your self-healing abilities. Once this becomes a regular practice, you will notice that checking-in with yourself is a vital way of communicating with your body and being proactive in overall health. You will truly feel amazing and be better equipped to manage stress with ease.

Honor yourself, family, friends, employees, co-workers, and everyone else with regular massage sessions! Breathe, relax, respond, and restore...

Hope to see you soon!


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